Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dandelions & green smoothies

Yes, you read it right, dandelion leaf green smoothie!
Dandelions are rather bitter, but if picked early spring,
or before they flower they're considered to be some
what sweet...we tried them this morning, and
well, I wouldn't call them sweet but most definitely
not as bitter as the last year when
we tasted them.

I came across the Raw Family site and
read how they use wild edible weeds as their greens
for their green smoothies, so knowing what a great
powerful green plant dandelions were and
how reasonably priced they were (huh, free for the picking!)
I decides that we were going harvesting this morning,
to find sweet dandelion leaves.
We harvested our leaves, prepared them for
blending added 2 cups of water,
handful of dandelion leaves,
2 bananas
agave nectar
some ice
and BLENDED away...
The recipe called for apples we didn't have any on hand,
so we used agave nectar....
You know I think with the apples we would have
a keeper here!!
Not bad at all, I can't say it was delicious but really
not bitter! sweet and enjoyable.
One thing about green smoothies my body
loves them, within 30 minutes
I felt, what I call the green rush, my
body was happy! energetic,
and very fulfilled!
Tonight were gonna add apples to the
green smoothie and I'll let
your know the difference.
For this family, yes we will be adding
green dandelion smoothies to
our weekly consumptions
of green drinks :-D
LATER in the evening:
we used apples and a pear in the
dandelion green smoothie this
evening...very good!!
Yes, we will be using
dandelions in our
It's a Keeper!!

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  1. Great season for foraging, I hope you keep up with this site during the Summer Months, but I understand time constraints... I will visit Raw Family soon... thanks for the references... we live in a a wild edible area that I need to utilize more!